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reasons why all companies need a website 16/Aug/2019

Reasons Why All Companies Need a Website

If you wish to start a business in this digital era, you would require gelling up with digital trends for your business to be successful. You’ll be shocked to know around 46 percent of business won’t had a website in 2016. It has been assumed that by the end of 2019, about 80 percent of businesses will be online. If you want users to choose your company, you need to be found online.

Consumer’s behavior and user’s experience is determined over a period of time with changing technologies. This makes it extremely important for the businesses to adapt to the digital era. As more as consumers realize that they can easily find things online, their behavior will keep shifting towards digital platform.

There are many reasons as to why you need a website regardless of which industry you are working in.

  • Available 24x7 – It is just not feasible for any business to be present 24x7. A website does make it possible for a business to be available to its customers anytime, anywhere making it easily accessible for the customers to reach your business. Customers can have a look at your products and services and can proceed to provide customer assistance.
  • Large reach- A website gives a virtual presence to your business. When you have an offline presence, your reach is limited but when you have online presence, your reach is extremely large. Anybody can reach your business anytime, anywhere and any day. A website enables your business to be globally present and reach ‘n’ number of users.
  • Capturing the attention of youth- A large part of market share constitutes youngsters be it boys or girls. Youth has the power to influence people because they are very much updated to the technology and trends. Most of the times what happens is that we want to buy something, so most of the people prefers to shop online rather than stepping out of their houses.
  • Achieves credibility and legitimacy of business- When searching for a business, the first and foremost thing you do is look for its online presence. If that business has a website then it’s credible enough to shop but if it does not, we usually prefer to switch to its competitors. What will happen next? Your business will suffer. You will start losing your clients. However it is very important to have an attractive and easily accessible websites.

These reasons are not just for theoretical purpose but it is extremely important for you to understand why your business needs a website.

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